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Sundar Profile

Sundar Metallurgy & Refractory Co., Limited is a leading refractory supplier, devoted to producing and marketing of a broad range of  high temperature resistant materials, from refractory bricks and monolithic refractory materials to high technology ceramics for lining equipments that operate at high temperatures. Sundar products are mainly used in steel, foundry, cement, glass and copper fields. And they have been exported to many countries around the world.

Sundar products mainly include Refractory Bricks ( Magnesia Brick, Magnesia Chrome Brick, Magnesia Carbon Brick, Alumina Brick, Silicon Carbide Brick );  Flow Control Refractories ( Slide Gates, Nozzles, Stopper Rods, Ladle Shroud ); Monolithic Refractories ( EAF Gunning Mix, EAF Ramming Mix, Tundish Gunning Mix, Tundish Dry Viberation Mix, Ladle Castable, Taphole Clay for Blast Furnace, Magnesite Ball ); Copper Mould Tubes; Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide Ceramics and ect.