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Purging Plugs

Adopting tabular alumina,emery,chromium oxide green and magnesium aluminate spinel as main raw materials,using cement as binder to produce Sundar Purging Plugs, which have the advantages of structural stability,high air permeability, strong corrosion resistant and long service life etc.

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Items Purging Plugs
Corundum-Spinel Chromium-Corundum
Al2O3+MgO % 92 -
Al2O3+MgO+Cr2O3 % - 95
B.D.g/cm³ 3.1 3.1
MOR . Mpa 1500x3h 15 15
C.C.S . Mpa 1500x3h 80 90
Air Permeablility (0.2-0.8Mpa) 200-1200 200-1200