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  A bauxite mineral investment agreement signed in Zheng’an County in Guizhou Province 


 On Nov. 22nd, the government of Zheng’an County signed a bauxite mineral investment agreement with Hangzhou Jinjiang Group. By far, there are 372 million tons of bauxite proved, and more than 700 million tons of long-range reserves in Zheng’an County. This bauxite mineral project has a total investment of CNY 35 billion and can realize an annual output value of CNY 80 billion. The project includes an aluminum hydrogen project with an annual capacity of 3.2 million tons, a bauxite mine with an annual capacity of 5 million tons, a 60 thousand kilowatt self-contained thermoelectricity plant, a 30 million square meters tailing pile, and an aluminum and deep processed aluminum project with an annual capacity of 500 thousand tons, etc.